Rehab for Overplucked Eyebrows

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Rehab for Overplucked Eyebrows
Fri, 11-22-2013 - 9:07am

It starts with a simple tweeze here, a pluck there. And, next thing you know, your eyebrows have gone from overgrown to barely there. Ladies, back away from the tweezers.

Growing your eyebrows will take some time -- anywhere from six weeks to a year. But a little (okay, maybe a lot) of patience and following our tips will help you go from painted-on Bette Davis to beautifully bushy Brooke Shields without too much pain. That should raise a few brows, don’t you think?

Fake It ‘Til You Make It: 7 Tips to Rehab Your Overplucked Eyebrows:

Are you guilty of overplucking?  How long did it take you to get them to grow back in?

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