Small Ideas to Make Me Over???? Anyone..

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Small Ideas to Make Me Over???? Anyone..
Fri, 08-05-2005 - 5:02pm

Hi! I am 23 and I must first start out by saying that I have tried to make myself over...even if it is just alittle bit, alot more in recent years. I used to (from age 0-15) really be a tomboy and I really did not care too much about my appearance. I have since become a bit of a girly girl, but still just a tiny bit of a tomboy. I used to have really long, thick, coarse wavy hair (mousy brown) that just hung there and I didn't dress too much like a girl or use any makeup.

I now have shorter hair that is a bit spikey in the back with medium length bangs that are swept to the side (think Mandy Moore). My hair is a butter color blonde, with lighter blonde highlights. I wear very minimal makeup, but never really go out of the house during the summer without a bit of bronzer and I use bareminerals mineral veil. I always have on mascara too. What I am trying to do is change my style a bit. You know, bring out that sultry, spicy side of me.

So, I have gotten some haircolor (I do my own). I have Feria Havana Brown and Feria Mohogany Highlights and I have gotten some very red nailpolish to do my nails with. Just wondering what I might be able to do with my make up to work with that. Any suggestions? And what about some different colors to wear with that sort of color change?? Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated!!!!!

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Sat, 08-06-2005 - 6:43pm
I would suggest doing a smoky eye or using some eyeliner, I have recently started using a small amount of brown eyeliner on the end corners of my eyes and for me thats made a big difference.
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Mon, 08-08-2005 - 8:13am

Hi there Honda Chickie, you sound cute just as you are. However, maybe a little blush and some lipgloss and a little wee bit of eye liner? I wouldn't go with a black liner, you sound fair. Just a nice big fat darker brown pencil and don't go inside the eye, just on the outer edges and blend, blend, blend. You don't want to see where your makeup starts and ends, EVER. At 23 your skin should still be gorgeous without a foundation, but make sure you use some moisturizer with an spf if you're riding that Harley!


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Mon, 08-08-2005 - 8:57am
HI, and welcome to the board...
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Fri, 08-12-2005 - 8:17pm

For a "day" look I would wear Cool Effects eyeliner/shadow in COOL BEANS