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Join the Snapple-a-Day Consumer Board of Directors

We cordially invite you to take quizzes, polls, and share your thoughts and opinions in the Snapple-a-Day Consumer Board of Directors. Anyone can visit the Consumer Board of Directors website for Snapple research opportunities, and you will even have a chance to participate in an exclusive 2-week sampling program with Snapple!

Here's what it's all about: Once you join, you will have access to polls, tips, and quizzes on nutrition, as well as the Community Lab where you can share your thoughts about Snapple-a-Day with other women, iVillage, and Snapple too. Your opinions will influence the future of Snapple-a-Day. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for an

amazing sampling program with Snapple. If you are chosen, you will receive a two-week supply of Snapple-a-Day and at the completion of the program, you'll receive a short survey to tell us what you thought!

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