Stuck in a rut

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Stuck in a rut
Mon, 09-13-2004 - 3:55pm
I am in desperate need of a makeover. I just had a baby nearly 3 months ago and I have a 21 month old. I still have 20lbs to lose so I have no clothes to wear and each day I don't do my hair or makeup. I never wanted to be THAT mom who did not take care of herself, but I cannot afford a new, temporary wardrobe and I don't have alot of time. It is starting to affect how I feel and how my husband and I relate to each other. I really need help. Anyone know someone in the Toledo, OH area who does makeovers? I'd even drive to Chicago!! We live on my husbands income as a Marine so I can't afford alot, but anythng is better than nothing!!

Please email me at I have not been able to update my email at ivillage yet. Thank you!