~The Weekend Check Up~

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~The Weekend Check Up~
Fri, 04-29-2011 - 6:59pm

Good evening boardies!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!!! This morning I went out for breakfast at The Wild Fork and then browsed around Utica Square for an hr or 2. I got some new lip liner and lip stick by MAC at Saks Fifth Avenue. I ran out of what I already had and it was time to get some new, so I did. LOL!!! Tonight I'm just going to relax, have a glass....two of wine, some goat cheese, crackers, and some Mediterrean salsa (which is really good and you can get it at Whole Foods if anyone wants to know where you can get it.) and the new issue of InSyle magazine and the tunes of Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to the mall with my youngest sister and do some spring shopping or look at clothes I really don't need. LOL!!! Sunday afternoon I'm going out to eat with my mom, but I'm not sure where just yet. I'm thinking The Cheesecake Factory....or Cheddar's, but I do plan on going there next weekend when I get together with some friends of mine to see the new movie, Something Borrowed that comes out NEXT Friday.

So with that in mind....

What plans do you have for the lovely weekend at the end of April, beginning of May?

Any movie or DVD watching?

How going out to eat at your favorite place or some place new?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'll post through out the weekend so come on and chat and start a new post or two!!! You won't be stepping on my neatly pedicured toes!!! ; )