What Kind of Tea Are You?

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What Kind of Tea Are You?
Mon, 01-25-2010 - 3:07pm

You Are Bubble Tea

You are playful, sweet, and light hearted. You almost always have a smile on your face.
You don't take life all that seriously, and you're always up for some laughs.

You are very modern. You are up on the latest food, fashion, and entertainment trends.
You are open minded and open to new experiences. Finding new things to love is a minor obsession of yours.


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Tue, 01-26-2010 - 12:37am
They're so right about enjoying bursts of creative energy. I'm at my happiest when this happens.

You Are Green Tea

You are a well balanced person. You don't have many highs or lows in your life.
You enjoy bursts of creative energy and productivity. But you also enjoy your downtime.

You are insightful and philosophical. You don't take much personally.
You are at peace with who you are. You don't have an inflated sense of self.


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Tue, 01-26-2010 - 4:44pm

Thats great!!!