What makeup brand to choose?

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What makeup brand to choose?
Mon, 05-02-2005 - 4:39pm
Hi I am 24 years old. I don't often wear makeup, but I would like to start since I am back in the dating world. The last makeup brand that I bought was Clineque. What brands are recommended for a 24 year olds?
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Tue, 05-03-2005 - 2:40pm

Hi There,

Choosing the right makeup can be very stressful. My best advice is to choose colors that make YOU feel great. I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and Yes I do love our products. We have some great colors for spring. Please feel free to visit my website www.marykay.com/tmaliva go to the vitrual makeover and you can choose colors that will look good for your skin and hair color. Have fun!!!

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Sun, 05-15-2005 - 2:32pm

Hi there!

I think most brands today are usable on the skin of a 24 year old.

If you're thinking along the lines of foundations, things to consider might be:

if your skin is oily or dry..... you'll want to choose one that's made for your skin type. A foundation made for oily skin can make dry skin even More dry, and vice versa.

skin shade: Although, for the most part all major brands offer a variety of foundation shades, some specialize in ebony / bronze, some have very few dark shades and 25 shades of ivory.

Coverage: If you haven't been wearing makeup at all, you'll probably want a lighter coverage, not something that feels too pancake-y. :) Clinique is a brand that I know a lot of young women like, and I know their's is quite light.

I will tell you that, like the last responder, I am a Mary Kay consultant, so I can't recommend a lot of specific brands to you ( I use all Mary Kay, and I LOVE it.).
My general recommendations would be, though, to:

DO choose a brand that you can TRY before you buy. ie, something like Mary Kay where you can get a facial, or one of the dept. store brands that offer facials at the store. You may not like what they do in terms of color, but at least you can feel the products and see if there's a shade match. :)
Also, one thing I tell ALL of my customers, is to use the Same brand of skin care and foundation. Each brand is specially formulated, cleansers, moisturizers & foundations....so basically using one of this and one of that can create "chemical warfare" on your skin.

Now, in terms of Colors....well...you're in luck....you can wear ANYTHING that appeals to you, based just on your age. at 24 you're not dealing yet with wrinkles or fine lines along your eyelid that are highlighted by shimmery makeups. So....anything you'd like is recommended to you....again though trying it would be helpful, because there is a difference in blendability and how long the color stays ON and things like that...so if you just go pick the cheapest brand at the bargain basement...you might not even Notice what you DON'T like about the color, if you havent tried a few, right?

(FYI...the brands you buy from Independent consultants, generally have "consultant locators" on their websites, where you can find a local consultant to you, if you'd like those facials. :D )

~ Teresa


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Mon, 06-06-2005 - 5:49pm

I personally think that most make up brands are good for a gal in her twenties. Most dept. stores offer free facials and make overs to their customers. I think it's good to try a few different stores to be sure you're getting the same advice. Women need to be careful of a sales associate try to "sell" their product just to get their commission.

You can also go to most cosmetic websites like Cover girl and Almay and get the same make up tips.

Mary Kay does have a consultant locator on their main website. It's best to find a local to help with skin care. There really is a lot that goes into being a good consultant. She will do a profile on you and ask you some important questions.

I hope you'll come by more often!

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Thu, 06-16-2005 - 11:38pm
I turn 24 this year. I use Maybelline Instant Rewind foundation and I LOVE the way it makes my skin look: very radient and totally polished. Not shiny but not totally a matte look, very natural. Instead of liquid eyeliner I use a slanted eyeshadow and brush through dark eyelner and it looks the same as liquid and you have more control of the eyeshadow than the liquid. I use powder blush over cream blush. I like RAISIN lipliner by Maybelline and Glam Shine lipgloss in PRINCESS by Loreal and I really like that looks. I use the lipliner to give my lipgloss more color and if I don't want a "bright" look I just don't use the lipliner. My favorite brands of makeup are Maybelline and Loreal. You should Ulta if there is one in your area. You can return or exchange your makeup without any hassel. I hope that helps and pick up Getting Georgous from the editors of In Style. It's a great book to own. I hope that helps.