~What Your Look Says About You~

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~What Your Look Says About You~
Fri, 01-06-2006 - 10:49pm
~Mane and makeup combos that'll send the message you want~

~Expert research has found that your makeup and mane effects can have an impact on how others perceive you. The fab

thing about this: You can work it to your advantage. Read on to find the beauty signals that will send others the message you want~

~First Impressions "We make an assumption about someone within 10 seconds of being introduced," says Oregon State social psychologist Frank Bernieri, Ph.D. "This impression is largely based on his or her looks ‑- and doesn't change very easily."

~Confident and Powerful~

~The look: "Makeup and hair messages that indicate maturity make you come across as secure," says Bernieri. Prominent brows, bold lips and hair that's pulled off the face look adult and suggest self-assurance."

~How to get it: Make your brows stand out more by filling them in with a pencil, says makeup artist Tracy Crystal, who created the effects on these pages. We like Stila Browset Pencil, $14. Then apply a vibrant deep berry lipstick. We like American Beauty Luxury for Lips in Sweetart, $12.50. And go for a simple half-up hairstyle so your facial features are extra noticeable, says Redken hairstylist Rick Gradone, who whipped up these looks.

*Ideal occasions: When you want to really intrigue a guy or land your dream gig!!!

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