Worlds Shortest Personality Test. LOL

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Worlds Shortest Personality Test. LOL
Thu, 06-30-2005 - 11:21pm

Give this a shot!!

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Thu, 06-30-2005 - 11:35pm

You are funky, outdoorsy, and down to earth.
While you may not be a total hippie...
You're definitely one of the most free spirited people around.

You are very impulsive - every day is a new adventure.
However, you do put some thought behind all your actions.
Still, you do tend to shock and offend people from time to time!

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Fri, 07-01-2005 - 3:13am

You are dependable, popular, and observant.
Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness.
In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do.

You are unique, creative, and expressive.
You don't mind waving your freak flag every once and a while.
And lucky for you, most people find your weird ways charming!

That's pretty darn close for me!



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Wed, 07-27-2005 - 1:48pm

I clicked on a few but this one is the first one I clicked on and I liked what it said.

You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.
Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people.
You tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

You are shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.
You're also funny, but many people don't see your funny side.
Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.