Your Fashion Investment

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Your Fashion Investment
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If you have a clear understanding of your figure strengths, your lifestyle and what makes your heart beat faster, you'll be able to invest wisely in your wardrobe. We've put together a lit of questions to ask yourself in order to get a clearer understanding of your wardrobe needs. Read through the list below and consider these questions before your next shopping spree.


Think about yourself and your style and what style you'd like to try as  you answer the questions below. It just might help you seeing things more clearly fashion wise!!!


Know Yourself


1. What items in your closet have you gotten the most wear out of? (A perfect black trenchcoat? A pair of gray flannel pants that make you feel thin? The vintage embroidered circle skirt that you can dress up or down?)


2. How do you spend most of your time? (Chasing a 2-year-old? Sitting at a desk? Meeting with clients?)


3. Are you low maintenance or high maintenance? (Do you take your clothes to the cleaner after every wearing? Do you ever use your iron? Do you have clothes altered to fit perfectly?)


4. How often do you go out in the evening and where do you usually go? ( Pizza and a movie? A cocktail party with clients? out all nght at the club?)


5. How much do you travel and where?


6. Choose 3 adjectives that describe yourself. Do they also describe what you wear?

Know Your Resources


7. Where do you usually shop? (At a mall? At the little boutique in your neighborhood? From catalogues?)


8. Do you ever buy clothes online?


9. Who makes your favorite suit? Pair of pants? Jeans?


Know Your Body


10. What is your best physical asset? (Long legs? Long neck? A golden complexion?) What can you wear that will put the focus where you want it? (A short skirt? An off-the-shoulder sweater? A blouse in a gorgeous shade of tangerine?)


11. What item of clothing always makes your body look its best? (A strapless sundress? Chaiken pants? A Gucci siut?) Have you ever bought more than one item at time or muiltiples?


12. Do you usually wear flats or heels? (This will affect the proportion and shape of the pants and skirts you wear.)


13. Do you want to attract attention with your clothes or look quietly well-put-together? How much of your body do you usually reveal? (Legs? decolletage? Back?)


Know What Makes You Happy


14. What colors do you love? Are you print person?


15. What makes you feel sext? (Jeans and a peasant top? A pencil skirt and heels? A cashmere robe?)


16. Is having a class bag like a Birkin important? Or do you crave this season's It Bag?


17. Are you crazy about jewelry or do you wear the same delicate necklace every day?


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