Kelly Ripa Goes Without Makeup On Talk Show

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Kelly Ripa Goes Without Makeup On Talk Show
Fri, 02-07-2014 - 2:44pm

In front of George Clooney no less! ;)

"'Here’s what I learned about myself yesterday,' Kelly said. 'People were so kind to me yesterday. It must be far worse than I imagined! I’ve never seen such a positive outpouring of love and affection for me on this show!' She did say that after scrolling through the positive messages on Twitter, she did see one negative response: 'One guy said, you look like Tom Petty without makeup.' But Kelly wasn’t offended! 'Yes, I think I do, in fact, look like Tom Petty!'"

What do you think? Do you think you could do that? Zero makeup? In public?

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Fri, 02-07-2014 - 9:52pm

I have not worn makeup in public, nor on the job, in at least 15 years.  No one weeps, shudders in fear, nor runs away.  My husband is still married to me.  I have still managed to win friends, influence people, and change employers during that time, as well as work NUMEROUS temp positions, and no one ever complained or sent me home. 

People used to joke that I wore makeup to take out the garbage.  I began to have skin issues, and found that using makeup is an addiction, like any other, fuled by unrelenting propaganda disseminated by the media, entertainment industry, and the makeup industry.   Fortunatly, I was able to kick the habit.

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Fri, 02-14-2014 - 10:32pm

I giggled over this.  Frankly, it's easy to go without makeup if you're already pretty!  It's rather like telling people your true age when you know you look much younger - kind of an easy "give."

I used to go without makeup in public with no second thought until I saw vacation pictures from 6 years ago.  "Who is this pale, squinty woman on vacation with my family?" I thought.  Since then, I wear makeup even if I'm in the house alone.  It's not slavery to some corporate viewpoint, it's what *I* want to see when I pass a mirror.  My mother was the same - I never saw her without at least "her eyebrows on" until she was 79, at which point I passed by her hospital room thinking, "Some old lady, not my mother, wait a minute - if that's not Mom, who's that with my father?!"  She didn't surrender until she was on her deathbed, and neither will I. ;)