Do you match your nail polish to your makeup?

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Do you match your nail polish to your makeup?
Wed, 07-23-2014 - 1:18pm

I haven't worn nail polish in years and haven't really paid much attention to it until recently. I can't believe all the color choices there are now. Do you still need to try to match your nail polish to your lipstick, blush, etc or does anything go now?


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Thu, 07-24-2014 - 8:26am

I wrote a big reply..went to post it and somehow it got lost :( Anyway NO ..your polish does not have to match your makeup ..or anything else your wearing for that matter. Any color goes.I wear black polish a lot. Another trend right now that I like is painting a nail on each hand a different color than the other nails. If you go to Sallys or your local beauty supply store you can also get decal designs that you can basically stick on your nails. It is all a ton of fun :)


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Thu, 07-24-2014 - 10:19am

Considering all the crazy colors with polish (blue, green, black, metallic) I never try matching my polish to my makeup, esp. since I'd count on having the polish on for at least 2 weeks for fingers and maybe a month for toes.  I usually try to wear a more neutral color on my fingers since I have a professional job but sometimes I go with something more wild on the toes.