pink/rhianna hairstyle

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pink/rhianna hairstyle
Sun, 08-10-2014 - 9:09pm

So I been wanting to get this haircut but not sure if I can pull it off. I was going to do it last time I had it cut but the hairstylist changed my mind. They are so afraid to cut my hair everywhere I go. Is down to my shoulders now and this heat is been unbearable here in florida. And I'll have to admit it's been a pain to maintain and I just don't have time and I have been a tad bit lazy, lol

I want to know if anyone has had it done and is it easy to maintain? Would u do it again and how long did it took to grow your hair back to a decent length?

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Mon, 08-11-2014 - 12:55pm

I would never do it. I've had my hair cut in really drastice styles before and it is always trouble to maintain and then grow back out. Personally I would just get some fun hair clips and keep it up until the summer is over.

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Wed, 08-13-2014 - 9:34am

I'd go with something more like this, if you're going from longer hair to short. Then you can always go shorter after you see what it's like. :)