easy things we can all do to prevent hair loss

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easy things we can all do to prevent hair loss
Thu, 06-13-2013 - 2:25pm

Let's face it, we could all improve greatly on the way we take care of our hair on a daily basis. As a stylist I would see so many horror stories in women (and men too) of all ages who had weak and falling out hair due to neglect and not taking the proper care.

Just a quick list of things we can do to improve our daily hair care routine:

- Do not tie hair up tightly (braids, cornrows, etc) especially if your hair type is thin. This amplifies the risk of hair loss

- Eat protein and vitamin-rich foods daily and if you have autoimmune diseases like arthritis or diabetes these could also be leading causes in hair loss so seeking the proper medical help is always recommended

- Habitual plucking of hair can also be detrimental over time

- Physical and psychological stress- HUGE factors in hair loss. Try to manage and channel stress in better ways

Any other tips that you folks want to add? Smile

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Here are really nice and most informative article is written by you. According to me the best way to prevent hair loss is that you take a massage of eggs ands also try to wash your hairs with yogurt two or three times in a week. With that you can use olive or coconut oils to make your hair shiney. Anyway thanks to you that you share this post here with us.

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