Flat Irons?

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Flat Irons?
Mon, 10-10-2011 - 2:47pm

Sorry for another question so soon, I just remembered I wanted to ask this also!


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Tue, 10-11-2011 - 9:06pm

I use a flat iron whenever I apply a wrap to my hair. The pros is the added sheen and flexibility that it gives the hair. The biggest CON is the heat damage to the hair. This damage is due to excessive use of the iron and/or using a flat iron when hair is already damaged. To help prevent damage to the hair, you or your styIist can ALWAYS apply a heat protectant product to the hair before each use. I have a ConAir flat iron from Walmart that works wonders for basic hair care. The CHI flat irons are great as well but they are on the expensive side.

Hope that helps:)

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Fri, 10-14-2011 - 3:42pm

I love the way my hair looks when the stylist irons it but I can't achieve the same results at home. Maybe there is some sort of trick to it? Maybe her iron is better?

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Sun, 10-16-2011 - 1:36am
The iron plates are made of different materials. Most are ceramic or titanium. She could be using an iron with different plates than yours. Also, the temperature that you have it set at plays a part.

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Sun, 10-16-2011 - 6:32pm
i could not live without my chi. works quickly on my naturally wavy, humidity sensitve hair. yes, its a lil expensive (about $120 at target), but had my last one for 4 years and used it almost every day....definetely worth the investment!!!
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Mon, 10-17-2011 - 12:27am

I have been using flat irons for about 10 years now. First one I used was the hot tools gold plated metal... that fried my hair up. I was pretty happy when they came out with the ceramic plates because it damaged my hair a little less. I now have a CHI that I bought about 4 years ago. It's the best one I have ever used and hope to keep it for a long time. I don't use it much anymore though just use it on special occasions. I bought it at Target on sale for $90 so it's a little pricey but I agree with the previous poster that it's a great investment if you plan on using it often.

One important thing though depending on what kind of hair you have, you must use a heat protectant. I always used Redken's 5 Straight until they discontinued it to my dismay but they came out with a new line of straghtening and heat protectant products so I tried a couple out. I don't know if you have an Ulta near you but I always wait until I get their coupons in the mail and try out the Redken sample size tubes for their products before I get the bigger bottle. The one I used most recently that reminded me of Redken's 5 is Redken's Align 12. It's for medium thickness hair. They also have a 6 and a 16... 6 for finer hair and 16 for extra course. I also tried out Frederic Fekkai's Brillian Glossing Cream... It definitely smooths out frizz and flyaways but it is not a complete heat protector. And whenever I do straighten my hair, I make sure to do a deeper conditioner in my hair or use a leave-in conditioner like Infusium 23's leave in treatment.

Always use heat protectant in your hair or face horrible damage. That's the main draw back to flat irons but otherwise they make your hair sleek and shiny. Hope this all helps you. 

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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 5:53am
any heat does damage the hair. its like your frying your hair. creams and other products help but with constant use there is no way to avoid the damage...just minimize it.
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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 2:14pm

I have a $30 flat iron from Walmart. If you're not planning on ironing your hair every day, this one really works fine. I use it about once a month, which is about how often I find time to do it! :smileyvery-happy:

Like PPs said - definitely use the heat protection product on your hair first though. I got mine for about $8 at Great Clips last time I was there.