I've got roots, should I highlight or color?

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I've got roots, should I highlight or color?
Tue, 06-25-2013 - 3:01am


I haven't posted here in awhile but I love these boards.  

I am wondering what to do at this point, I have roots that are a few inches long because I haven't highlighted my hair since November!  It got way too expensive and too much maintenance to keep touching up my roots since my natural hair color is a dark brown and my highlighted color was a light brown almost a dark blonde.  I am wondering that if I were to touch up my roots now with highlights and then tone them to a color a little bit darker than what I have now so it isn't so light, like now, maybe I would be able to keep the highlighted look but not have as much maintenance?  I like the highlighted look so maybe if I just got it toned a little darker I wouldn't feel in so much of a rush to get my roots touched up as soon as I saw them?

I was thinking this way more than coloring my hair, at first I thought about coloring it even darker but I am realizing that I don't want it to be too dark and I like the highlighted look.

Also, I am not sure what to do about this, the stylist who I went to before is very nice and I like her but she is a bit expensive for me I think, even though her rates are reasonable/going rate in town.  I have a tendency to bounce around from stylist to stylist so I am thinking of either staying with her, or going to someone who has never done my hair, she and I met in town and she mentioned that she does hair for a more reasonable rate than what the stylist I was going to charges and she goes to people's homes to do the services, way cool.  I was also thinking of returning to another stylist who I used to go to.  Hmmm, what to do?!