Women Change Hairstyles 150 Times!

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Women Change Hairstyles 150 Times!
Fri, 06-28-2013 - 8:34am

The average woman changes her hairstyle about 150 times in her lifetime, according to a survey organized by Britain-based hair salon chain Toni & Guy.

The survey, according to U.K. newspaper The Express, found that these changes — including cut, color or shape — are usually connected to major life events like birthdays or breakups, but they can also be influenced by a celebrity: Remember “The Rachel” mania?


How often do you think you change up your hairstyles? What are your main reasons for changing your look?

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Sat, 06-29-2013 - 7:20pm

I saw that a chain of salons sponsored the survey but don't know if all of the women surveyed happened to be IN a salon, which would increase the possibility that they like to change their hair.

I'm waaaay outside that average. I've never colored my hair, never had a perm, and just a handful of similar styles over the years. Most of my friends are pretty similar in that regard. They may make occasional changes, but not twice a year.

My dd is more like the survey findings. She's changed her haircolor a lot  and her hairstyle too, not even counting her punk phase with liberty spikes or a mohawk (courtesy of hair gel thank goodness).