Find A Cheaper Equivalent of that Makeup You Love

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Find A Cheaper Equivalent of that Makeup You Love
Tue, 01-15-2013 - 6:15pm

The Makeup Dupe list allows you to type in your favorite, pricey products and then it spits out a list of cheaper equivalents. It’ll even tell you the differences between the original and the equivalent. For example, less glossy, different scent, etc. When it gives you the equivalent, it also lists a percentage for how similar it is to the more expensive product. It’s such a cool concept.

There are some times when it’s absolutely worth it to buy the expensive stuff, but sometimes drugstore brands are just as good, and this site is a helpful guide when you’re looking to save a bit.

Are there certain things you’ll only buy from a store like Sephora or MAC? When do you think it’s worth it to save the money and opt for a drugstore brand?

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