Has anyone tried a Lash Lift?

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Has anyone tried a Lash Lift?
Thu, 08-15-2013 - 12:18pm

The Lash Lift is the updated version of an Eyelash Perm and is a great alternative to Eyelash Extensoins. Babydoll Lashes has a list of trained and certified professionals on their website. If you have straight lashes the process lifts and curls. If you have curly eyelashes the process straightens and lifts. All of this is done by lifting your lashes on to a specially shaped pad and adding solutions that will leave the lashes lifted in an upwards position from root to tip. None of the solutions ever touch the skin or eyes. The Lift lasts up to two months. A re-lift is necessary every 6 - 7 weeks. During those weeks the lashes will shed and regrow their "natural" direction (straight, curly etc.). The lashes that did not shed yet remain lifted. If you choose not to get a re-lift, all lashes eventually shed and re-grow back to the natural pattern. The lash cycle is approximately 2 months - which is why the procedure lasts up to two months. 

Note: The old perming process used a sticky roller to roll lashes in a "C" curl. While the Lift will lift your lashes from root to tip making them appear longer and thicker.

 See pics of the lift and fInd a professional in your area at: www.babydolllashes.com