Argh... what's up with my cuticles?!

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Argh... what's up with my cuticles?!
Wed, 03-20-2013 - 1:18pm

Can anyone recommend a good cuticle cream or something to help stop the hang nails and peeling and crud I've got going on?

I don't know why, but lately they have been awful. :( I'm not picking them excessively (did anyone ever here are wolf-biting?! DON'T google it, yuck! I was shocked when I was looking for info on peeling skin/cuticles) so I'm not sure what is up. They aren't dry, I use moisturizer.


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Wed, 03-20-2013 - 4:12pm

Have you gone to a nail technician who too aggressively cuts the cuticle?  I've found that when I've gone to an overzealous nail tech who cuts off the cuticle entirely, the skin peels away for a few days afterwards - yuck.  Basically, if I can feel her cutting the cuticle, I know this is going to happen.  If you think this might be the case, I'd recommend getting a tube of polytracin and applying it at night around your cuticles.

Another thought - maybe you're allergic to a new product, or have developed an allergy to a product you've been using for a while.  If you have other skin problems, like rosacea or psoriosis, or if you have asthma, allergies might be the reason.

Re "wolf biting," Allure this month has an article on OCD grooming behaviors.  I worked with a woman who had OCD and her hands were a nightmare - she was a compulsive handwasher and nail biter and skin picker.  I felt bad for her but it was also hard not to cringe when she handed me something.

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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 9:40am

Sorry I'm just answering this now. I have to search and search for new posts ;-(

It's my understanding you should never radically cut back cuticles. Just a light trim. Cutting back a lot could cause an infection. I use nail oil when my cuticles are dry and I'm notorious for biting my cuticles LOL! I'm trying to get out of that habit so I try to use the oil and push back cuticles. I think it's normal to have hang nails. As we get older (gasp) our nails (and skin) change!