Length of my healthy nails now and a (m)

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Length of my healthy nails now and a (m)
Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:42pm

If I measure my nails I think they are now about 1/4 inch long.(if i am measuring accurately). Now remember that I had horrible nails 3 months ago when you started helping me! Thank you!

Here is my question. How long is active length for nails and can you tell me once again about filing them to be "squ-oval"? Is there a trick to filing them down? I almost feel like making an appt.just to have my nails filed!

Thanks for all your help the past 3 months!


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 3:59pm
Hi Debbie! I would say active length is about 1/2 inch over your fingertip.(?) I don't think there's a specific measurement, it would be more like what is YOUR active length? My active length maybe longer than what you can tolerate. You need to find out what feels comfortable for you. If you feel like you are constantly hitting your nails or bending them, I would say that isn't a good "active length" for YOU and you need to file them down.

To file your nails you file them from outside corner to the middle. So, hold the file on the left side of your fingernail and file towards the center. Then, hold the file on the right side of your fingernail and file towards the center as well. To file your nails squoval, I first file my nails square and then just round those sharp corners off. Be careful not to file too much in or you will take of too much of the side of your nail, therefore, making your nail weak. You just barely want to round the very corner. It's difficult to explain without actually showing you.

Why don't you treat yourself to a manicure and have the nail professional show you how to properly file your nails? That way you won't be so worried that you'll file them incorrectly. I know before I went to school to become a nail professional, I had no idea how to file my nails. No wonder my nails broke all the time!

Anyway, I hope this little bit of advice helped you and made sense. If it didn't make sense or you have other questions, just let me know!

Happy and SAFE filing!