what do you take with you on a trip?

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what do you take with you on a trip?
Tue, 04-22-2003 - 7:14pm
When you travel, what manicure stuff do you take with you? Do you have a separate bag for your manicure stuff? What is in it? Do you have a bag you just throw in when you go anywhere? What do you take with you overnite vs. on a longer trip? Same bag? I am a person who likes to be organized. Thanks for your ideas.

Do you carry anything in your purse?



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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 7:32pm
During the waning moon when i am away from home for a long period of time (1-2 weeks)I take my 4 way buffer and nail file and during the waxing moon i take my nail polish and my hand & nail moisturiser, which I carry in my make up bag.

I like clutter free over night bags and only ever take what my nails need.


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 9:38am
I have a little bag no larger than a wallet that I carry along:

a file

hand cream

base coat

top coat

a shade of nail polish that will go with what I have packed

cuticle cream

orangewood stick


and those handy nail polish remover pads from Cutex. They will clean all 10 nails with one pad and they are individually packaged so you can take only 1 instead to taking a messy bottle of remover. You can get generic ones from Sally Beauty Supply.

I also like to pamper myself with the One Minute Manicure (there are a couple of brands out there.)hand refining scrub. It has essential oils and sea salts to exfoliate. They come in little single use packets too!

I do a manicure before I leave and on the third day I apply another coat of the same polish and another coat of top coat to seal and freshen my manicure. Doing this twice will get me through a weeklong vacation.

Usually these items are what I need to do repairs and freshen my manicure. You can find small travel sizes to cut down on size. I like to have an individual bag to carry my nail care items that way when in the hotel, I can grab that and sit on the bed and fix them.

Hope my ideas helped and I hope you have a fabulous vacation!!!


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 11:45am
Hi Debbie! I have one nailcare bag that I use at home and when I travel for business. Since I'm in the industry, I HAVE to make sure my fingernails and toenails always look their best, so I have to be prepared.

In my nail bag I have:

Cuticle Nippers

Toenail Clippers

Metal Cuticle Pusher

White Buff Block

3-Way Girlfriend Buffer

Travel Nail Polish Remover

Toe Seperators

Nail Tek Glass File (I also have one in my purse)

Nail Tek II


2 - Shades of Nail enamel

Seche Vite top coat

SolarOil (I also have one in my purse)

Travel size SolarButter (I also have one in my purse)

Travel Size Cucumber Heel Therapy

Travel Size Marine Gel

Travel Size SolarSpeed Spray

Whew! I have a lot of nail stuff.


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 11:48am
Thanks for the idea of using the Cutex Nail Polish remover pads. I'm definitely going to get some of those instead of taking a small bottle of remover.

Great idea!


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 12:39pm
Well we don't travel that often....but when we have gone away for a week, I only took clear polish and a nail file. I'd do my toes and nails before we left and lucky for me, it always lasts the entire time we're gone.

I only carry a nail file in my purse at all times. No other nail paraphernalia (did I spell that right?!) Hey! I must be low maintenance! hahaha! Now don't ask me how many perfumes I carry! You don't want to know!