What Does Your Swimsuit Say About You?

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What Does Your Swimsuit Say About You?
Fri, 06-11-2010 - 3:48pm

What Does Your Swimsuit Say About You?

Sure, an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikini makes a major statement. But every type of swimsuit says a lot about the woman wearing it—her style, her interests, her confidence level and her personality. So what does your swimsuit say about you, and is it the message you want to send? Read on for our swimsuit decoder and some crucial style tips.

Retro swimsuits
Itsy-bitsy bikini
The sporty one-piece
A patterned tankini
Classic suiting
Shiny and metallic
Mixing and matching
Board shorts
The little black suit

And while we're on the subject, are you wearing the suit that flatters your body best? iVillage style expert Kim Johnson Gross reveals the swimsuits that are perfect for pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass-figured and boyish-figured ladies!

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