Preventing toenail infecton

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Preventing toenail infecton
Tue, 08-02-2011 - 12:24pm

Here are tips for preventing toenail fungus,from the Mayo Clinic's website:

  • Short, dry and clean nails that have been cut straight across are less likely to become chipped, stubbed or to irritate surrounding skin, creating openings for fungus.

  • After bathing, the area between toes can trap moisture and encourage fungal growth unless you thoroughly dry your feet before stepping back into shoes.

  • Socks made with synthetic materials that wick away moisure can keep feet dryer than cotton or wool socks. But even such "high-tech" fibers will become saturated when your feet sweat excessively. Changing socks during the day is a smart tactic.

  • Anti-fungal sprays or powders can be sprayed or sprinkled on your feet and the inside of your shoes.

  • Trimming or picking at the skin around your nails can give germs an opening.

  • Fungi thrive in the warm, moist environs of pools, showers and locker rooms, but if you wear shoes or sandals you're less likely to step into a little colony.

  • Nail polish and artifiical nails can trap moisture and worsen an infection.

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