Top 10 Tips: Nails

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Top 10 Tips: Nails
Fri, 08-17-2012 - 10:02am

1. Squared-off oval nails are the most flattering shape on nearly everyone.

2. The best length is an eighth to a quarter inch beyond the fingertip.

3. Don't let anyone cut your cuticles. Push them back daily instead.

4. Basecoat creates a smooth surface and prevents discoloration: Use it.

5. The best nail colors are either light and natural or dark and vampy.

6. Paint three thin strips of polish, not one big glob, on each nail.

7. If you don't want smudges allow 30 minutes for nails to dry.

8. Reapply topcoat every other day to keep nail polish from chipping.

9. When your nail polish turns yellow or chips, admit defeat, and remove it all.

10. Get a pedicure at least once month.

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