CND: Stickey

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CND: Stickey
Fri, 09-24-2010 - 1:16pm

Have a rave review about CND: Stickey. My nail polish would ALWAYS chip or peel right off, not even a day later. I tried Stickey and it's been absolutely wonderful!

It goes on like a normal base coat. You can do two coats, but I do one (two feels too thick to me). It really made a huge, huge difference in the length the nail polish stayed on. No more peeling either. I'd say I got a good 4-5 days without chipping.

The only problem I'm having now is that it's sort of bubbly (it's about 7 months old) which doesn't make a smooth base. I used the the day before last and had to take the polish off. The bubbles showed right through.

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Tue, 09-28-2010 - 10:14am

Thanks for the review! It sounds like a product that's definitely worth looking into for me; I can never go more than a day without chipping the polish on my natural nails.

As for the bubble problem you're having, I'd always been told that was cause by excessive shaking of the product before application. Instead, it's suggested that you gently roll the bottle in your hand. Now I'm also reading that bubbling occurrs if you apply too thick of a layer, if you polish in a