Products for Social Impact

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Products for Social Impact
Wed, 06-09-2010 - 3:30pm
Hi guys,

I never thought lip gloss could help empower woman. Beauty, beauty products, and social justice have always been my passion, but beauty and justice were kept separate. Then I stumbled upon Fusion Beauty’s “Kiss Away Poverty” lip gloss selection at Sephora. With kisses in mind, Fusion Beauty teamed up with the Seven Bar Foundation to create an exclusive “Kiss Away Poverty” lip gloss. The colors are gorgeous and the gloss is also a lip plumper. From nights-out experience and a testimonial from my boyfriend, it really works. I’s got to if Kim Kardashian supports it!

Anyway, Fusion Beauty’s partnership with Seven Bar Foundation allows for part of the proceeds to go towards Seven Bar Foundation’s microfinance for women cause. I was pretty intimidated when I first heard about microfinance, but the Seven Bar Foundation just released a short but poignant video that hits it on the head with a kiss. Learn about microfinance here at:

There's finally a way to look sexy, be confident, and inspire independence in women across the globe. What do you guys think about products that support good causes like these?