Extremely Itchy Skin...

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Extremely Itchy Skin...
Tue, 07-30-2013 - 12:43am

 I have a quick question........     I have VERY itchy skin on my breasts and stomach..... I mean it is sooo bad I just itch and itch till I bleed and then scabs over and I continue to itch ;-( ....  It will start on my breasts for weeks(i have never really kept track on how long it is there, but now I will)  and then it moves to my stomach and the samething happens there.  I know for 100% that i am NOT PG, I made sure that would never happen again about 5yrs ago with my last child ;-)    plus i just had my monthly visitor.  I havent switched anything, like soap, detergent.  No new routines around here...  Anyone else experience this and if so what could it be????  I have heard that itchy breasts could be a sign of breast cancer, so that has me a little worried. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. Her sister( my aunt) has been diagnosised with Breast cancer. So it does run in my family..  So if anyone has any words of wisdom and how I can get rid of this itchy, it would be much appreciated!!


Thank You!


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Tue, 07-30-2013 - 2:49pm

Hi Kristie,

Itching is the worst!  Could it possibly be allergy related? I itch and itch and scratch and scratch when I'm suffering from allergies.  Once I start an over the counter medication, the itch gets MUCH better.  I also notice that I itch more when I sweat- so after working out for sure.  Another thing that will make my skin itchy is when it is super dry.  I use lotion daily to help prevent dry itchiness.  Just a few things you may want to try... let us know how you are doing!