*~* Shed Your Winter Skin *m*~*~*

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*~* Shed Your Winter Skin *m*~*~*
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 10:13am
I love this time of year, especially the first few days of balmy weather after weeks of ice and snow. But while I happily store my gloves and jackets deep in my closet, I rather nervously confront my sandals and skirts. Are my legs, heels and toes ready for this? What deep, dark beauty problems must I now face? Find out what to do about cellulite. If dry flakey skin is your problem, learn how to control it and maximize your moisturizer! And don't let body acne get you down. There's a cure for everything on Substance -- except spring fever.

Cellulite tips: http://www.substance.com/body/basics/cellulite/

Maximize your Moisturizer: http://www.substance.com/skin/care/article/0,,417359,00.html

Tips about Body Acne: http://www.substance.com/skin/acne/article/0,,218272,00.html