What Acne Cleaner Do You Use?

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What Acne Cleaner Do You Use?
Tue, 08-13-2013 - 12:59pm

The previous conversation had me thinking...

What acne cleanser do you use?  I've been tempted to go with Proactiv, but I like the convenience of being able to pick up Acne Free at the drug store.  

What do you use?  Any experience with the two products I mentioned?

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Fri, 08-16-2013 - 10:55am

I've tried both and I've found to be quite comparable. I personally use AcneFree just because it is less expensive and I can find it locally. 


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Tue, 10-01-2013 - 3:05pm

Use Avon Solutions or Avon's Clear Skin.  You can find these products at my Independant Avon Representative's site



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Mon, 10-28-2013 - 8:46pm
I tried Acne Free, but went back to Proactiv. It really is the only thing that I've found that works for me. I've been using it for over a year now. I don't use all 3 steps, though. I feel like the toner dries out my skin, so I only use it a couple of times a week. I use the cleanser twice a day, and it's kept my breakouts to a minimum. It stinks having to worry about zits and fine lines, but now I have the breakouts under control. I use Mary Kay Extra Emollient cream for those fine lines. The stuff is awesome.