What Would You Pay to Take 5 Years Off Your Face?

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What Would You Pay to Take 5 Years Off Your Face?
Tue, 02-26-2013 - 4:46pm

Sixty minutes using the latest non-invasive technology promises to reverse time, taking skin back to how it looked a half decade earlier. The high-tech treatment, however, comes with a high-ticket price to match--so is Ultherapy worth the cost?


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Wed, 03-06-2013 - 11:07am

It wouldn't be $4000, that's for sure!  Also, it doesn't last nearly as long as it should at that price tag - maybe 1-3 years.

My dermatologist's assistant had ultherapy.  She did have an improved jawline but she said the pain was almost unbearable.  Between the price tag, the pain, and the longevity of the results, I decided to pass.

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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 10:44am

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