Will e-book prequels help build book buzz?

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Will e-book prequels help build book buzz?
Fri, 02-17-2012 - 1:17pm

A few months ago, we had a conversation on whether or not ebooks would lead to the downfall of print books. One point that was made in that discussion was how ebooks have contributed to many of us discovering new authors or new series, mostly because of the free or relatively inexpensive ebook offerings.

It looks like some publishers are cluing in on that little fact; I just read an article where it says that they're starting to experiment with cheap digital "prequels" to help build buzz before a major print release.

One young adult author, Brittany Geragotelis, whose self published novel "Life's a Witch" was read 18 million times on a community reading site and is slated for release in print in the fall of 2013, says, "I understand the importance of getting books out there to people in whatever format they will consume them." Umm... Considering she walked away from the print publishers with a six figure sum for three books... I think she's on the money in more ways than one! LOL

How do you feel about a sneak peek of a storyline via a separate inexpensive

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Wed, 03-07-2012 - 5:46am

Hmmmm, great reason to get an ipad.

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Wed, 03-07-2012 - 9:33pm
I think its fine to do an ebook sneak peek, but it is unlikely I'll read one. I never bother to look for ebooks and prefer to just head to the library and browse the shelves if someone i know or on here hasn't suggested something interesting.
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Thu, 03-08-2012 - 1:59pm

i've seen a lot of prequels offered on amazon but have not read any. not sure if i ever will, lol.