Cold Days by Jim Butcher

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Cold Days by Jim Butcher
Mon, 12-24-2012 - 5:09pm

Cold Days by Jim Butcher 515 pages 12/12/12 pub 2012 “I was Harry Dresden, Wizard of the White Council, Knight of Winter. I had faced demons and monsters, fought off fallen angels and werewolves, slugged it out with sorcerers and cults and freakish things that had no names. I had fought upon land and sea, in the skies above my city, in ancient ruins and in realms of the spirit most of humanity did not know existed. I bore scars that I’d earned in dozens of battles, made enemies out of nightmares, and laid low a dark empire for the sake of one little girl.” (416- 417)

Harry Dresden has changed a lot in fourteen books. When this book opens, he is recuperating in the Winter Court. Mab insists he will serve as her Knight. Harry has promised this and is willing to be her Knight, but not so big on serving. Especially when in the mortal world, everyone in Chicago and all of Harry’s friends are at risk from a cabal of baddies.

Normally, I complete a new Harry Dresden novel in a day or two. I don’t get much sleep and dinner may be takeout, but I typically feel compelled to finish. Not so much this time: it took me twelve days to read this book. I found it easy to find other things to do rather than read this novel. Has the geas worn off? (SFBC 0, published 11/27/12, arr 12/30/12)