Engine Summer by John Crowley

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Engine Summer by John Crowley
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 11:58pm

Book Description:

Rush that speaks.
Born into the community of Truthful Speakers one thousand years after the Storm, he was raised on stories of the old days - a world filled with saints, a world in which all things were possible, a world which finally destroyed itself. In love with a beautiful woman, Rush journeys far and learns much. Taken into the society of Dr. Boots's List, attached to the old mysteries, Rush grows closer to a sainthood he could never have imagined.


I first read this years ago.  With this reading, I began to understand, and to further question, many aspects of the cultures and varieties of  descendants of the Storm's survivors on the pastoral Earth. I also now understand more about  the the “angels” who live in their world in the sky. It’s a slow read, confusing at times, but I’ll  probably read it again.