Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tatoo by Heather Wardell

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Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tatoo by Heather Wardell
Sat, 08-18-2012 - 11:50am

Barnes and Noble Overview:     When Candice's in-laws died in a car accident eight months ago, she lost her husband Ian too. After only two years of marriage their guilt and pain have left them living together but apart. During Ian's month-long trip overseas, Candice plans to decide if her marriage can be saved, but when the first man she ever loved is the new client at work, she wonders what she truly wants from life and love.

This is another book I would recommend.  It had a little bit of everything. I laughed, I cried.  There were parts that I had to read through to find out what happened.  This is an e-book that I purchased mainly because the cover kept catching my eye.  I also liked the title.  I was extremely surprised by the content.  I thought it would be just an okay book, maybe a little corny.  It wasn't.  In fact, I can picture myself reading it again next summer or maybe in 2 summers, but that is as long as it will wait.  I'm sure you will enjoy it , too, if you decide to try it.