Mr. Darcy's Daughters by Elizabeth Aston

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Mr. Darcy's Daughters by Elizabeth Aston
Fri, 01-18-2013 - 11:06am

What a delightful romp I've just had in the late Regency period of London!  If you loved Pride and Predjudice, you will also love Mr. Darcy's Daughters.  Elizabeth Aston has very successfully continued what Jane Austen started.  I know she has another book which continues the story even further and I can't wait to get my hands on it!  I'm picking it up with my next visit to the library.

BOOK SYNOPSIS: "Picking up twenty years after Pride and Predjudice left off, Mr Darcy's Daughters begins in the year 1818.  Elizabeth and Darcy have gone to Constantinople, giving us an opportunity to get to know their five daughters, who have left the sheltered surroundings of Pemberley for a few months in London.  While eldest, Letitia, frets and the youngest, Alethea, practices her music, twins Georgina and Belle flirt and frolic their way through parties and balls and Camilla - levelheaded and independent - discovers what joys and sorrows the city has to offer an intelligent young woman.  Readers will delight in the return of such beloved Austen creations as Elizabeth's old nemesis Caroline Bingley (now Lady Warren), the ever reliable Gardiners and wayward Aunt Lydia.  Charming, beautifully written and full of societal intrigue and romantic high jinks, Mr. Darcy's Daughters is a tale that would please Austen herself."