Girls just wanna have fun... and go shopping! ;)

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Girls just wanna have fun... and go shopping! ;)
Sat, 09-17-2011 - 1:28am

We're going out of town for a few days at the beginning of October. And I get to shop here!

I've been browsing the list of stores and there are a couple I've got to remember. They even have entries for the food places, so I'm making a note to grab a cinnamon bun at a place called Cinnzeo. And we've got to browse the Chapters bookstore, which is really big compared to our local booksellers.

Hubby also wants to eat at Swiss Chalet and Denny's since those are two franchises we don't have here.

And we've checked the location of Toys R Us and it's walking distance from the large mall, so we'll take the kids there at least once. :D

I'm getting so excited about this trip! The kids are one excuse for us to book a suite rather than a single room as we have in the past, and we found a great off-season rate. (And maybe next time we'll spend a bit more to check out another hotel.) There's a park very close to our lodging, so I'll definitely use a bit of time to play with the boys there. I also love that free wireless is one "amenity" included with the suite, so I won't be far away from my iVillage buddies!

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Woohoo, that sounds awesome!

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Enjoy your get-away....and Shop til you drop!!!


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How fun!!!