Review #201: "The Quilter's Apprentice" by Jennifer Chiaverini

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Review #201: "The Quilter's Apprentice" by Jennifer Chiaverini
Thu, 04-11-2013 - 3:33pm

I have found a new author that I can't wait to read more books by.  I loved this book.  It was a quick read and I fell in love with characters.  I can't wait to read the rest of the series, which is twenty books in total.  I love when an author can tie two people together who are different in age and tell a historical story.

Here is the information on the books from Barnes and Noble:


"A heartwarming story of relationships that, like pieces of a quilt, can be connected with discord or with harmony."-Sandra Dallas, author of The Persian Pickle Club

After moving with her husband, Matt, to the small college town of Waterford, Pennsylvania, Sarah McClure struggles to find a fulfilling job. In the meantime, she agrees to help seventy-five-year-old Sylvia Compson prepare her family estate, Elm Creek Manor, for sale. As part of her compensation, Sarah is taught how to quilt by this cantankerous elderly woman, who is a master of the craft.

During their lessons, Mrs. Compson reveals how her family was torn apart by tragedy, jealousy, and betrayal, and her stories force Sarah to face uncomfortable truths about her own alienation from her widowed mother. As their friendship deepens, Mrs. Compson confides in Sarah the truth about why she wants to sell Elm Creek Manor. In turn, Sarah seeks a way to bring life and joy back to the estate so Mrs. Compson can keep her home-and Sarah can keep her cherished friend. The Quilter's Apprentice teaches deep lessons about family, friendship, and sisterhood, and about creating a life as you would a quilt: with time, love, and patience, piecing the miscellaneous and mismatched scraps into a beautiful whole.






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Sounds great!

Thanks for your review. :)