Review #204: "Hitchhiking by Brush Taxi" by Helen Arnseth Torvik

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Review #204: "Hitchhiking by Brush Taxi" by Helen Arnseth Torvik
Wed, 06-05-2013 - 5:30pm

This is the book for my RLBC this month.  This book is written by a lady from our church about her 40 years of missionary work.  It was a very quick read.

Here is the information on the book from the back of the book:

As a student on the SS America bound for France to attend language school in 1948, my fellow students and I met with Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the lounge area.  Her advice to those of us headed for language school was “Learn to appreciate the people, food, and customs of the country where you are guest and don’t bore them with ‘In America we do this,’ etc.  After her talk, we received her autograph on post cards picturing the SS America.


Two solid years of intense language study and witnessing in student restaurants and universities must have caused me to “burn out,” because I told my friend, Ingrid Hult, that I was not satisfied with myself.  I thought others had more abilities that I wished I had, especially in writing French exams.  Ingrid challenged me saying “Okay, Helen, who would you like to trade with 100%?”  As I pondered her question, I smiled and answered, “I guess no one.”  That began a time of accepting myself.


Helen Arnseth Torvik spent years sharing her life and making friends from South Dakota to China to Madagascar, connecting with relatives in Norway, finding joy in Hawaii and peace in Israel.  You’ll follow her in adventures and moments of grace.





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Thanks for your review, very cool to read a book by someone you know!