Review #204 What The Heart Sees

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Review #204 What The Heart Sees
Wed, 02-27-2013 - 8:46am

By Kathleen Fuller

My final novella in my set.  :)  This was another good story.  It was interesting getting an idea of what it would be like to lose your sight in an accident.

Ellie Chupp is resigned to never love again after she loses her sight in an accident. Christopher Miller has returned home, five years after a tragedy took the life of his fiancee. When Ellie and Chris meet again, their attraction is undeniable. But the possibility of loving another person again is terrifying. By letting go of the past and their fears of the future, old friends remind each other that what matters most is invisible to the eye.

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Wed, 02-27-2013 - 8:24pm

That would be difficult to write! I'd love to read this story.

Thanks for your review. :)