Review: Battle for Skandia (John Flanagan)

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Review: Battle for Skandia (John Flanagan)
Mon, 03-11-2013 - 12:06am


This was a good battle-strategy novel with a satisfying conclusion. My only complaint would be that there wasn't enough of Will, my favourite character of the series; however, given the nature of the story, I'm not completely sure how the author could have written this one as a Will-centred tale. The nice thing is that the next book in the series is mostly Will, so it's almost like the author anticipated my reading need! ;)

Still far from home after escaping slavery in the icebound land of Skandia, young Will and Evanlyn's plans to return to Araluen are spoiled when Evanlyn is taken captive. Though still weak, Will employs his Ranger training to locate his friend but soon finds himself fatally outnumbered. Will is certain death is close at hand, until Halt and Horace make a daring last-minute rescue. But their reunion is cut short by the horrifying discovery that Skandia's borders have been breached by the Temujai army - and Araluen is next in their sights. Only an unlikely union can save the two kingdoms, but can it hold long enough to vanquish a ruthless new enemy?