Review: Cassie and Caleb... (Susan & Richie Hunt)

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Review: Cassie and Caleb... (Susan & Richie Hunt)
Mon, 03-11-2013 - 12:37am


Full title: Cassie and Caleb Discover God's Wonderful Design

The concept behind this book was a good one, but the narrative style didn't work for me. I would rather have read out regular Bible lessons to my children than these little stories that didn't quite feel realistic. It seemed like they were forced, to fit the planned lesson than following a proper plot. Still, I'd like to see what else the authors may have written, in case they've published any non-fiction lessons.

Boys and girls, from 5 to 8 years of age, will love the fun world of Cassie and Caleb, two energetic and inquisitive children discovering the beauty of God's wonderful design. Through twenty beautifully illustrated short stories, followed by an interactive time between parent and child, this book intentionally uses the rich language of faith, and then builds meaning around the words and concepts as the stories proceed, providing children the words of life.