Holiday memories and traditions

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Holiday memories and traditions
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 1:20pm

'Tis the week of one of my most favorite holidays, Thanksgiving! My mind always seems to spend equal times wander into past Thanksgiving celebrations and looking ahead to current/future ones.

Since I was a little girl, Thanksgiving was the one holiday I knew my older siblings and their families would always return to the "nest" and oh, how I looked forward to that! Once I married, my home became the traditional Thanksgiving gathering place for us all. Years have passed and my childhood family has dwindled but the newer generation is keeping it lively! I guess now, I kind of see myself in charge of helping to create new memories and traditions for them.

Right now, I’m indulging myself in some of my own childhood memories, savoring the aroma of chicken stock as it simmers on the stove. Yes, it may be a bit early to start cooking, but I find myself drawing out the different chores, reliving the time spent in the kitchen with my own mom. This weekend, my grandchildren helped me fine-tune the menu, with heavy emphasis on cookies! LOL And tomorrow night, the two older ones will be in the helping bake those said cookies, while the youngest will stand in as official taste-tester. Laughing

So... how about you? I know not everyone here is in the US, but we all have holidays and celebrations coming up soon. What are some of your favorite holiday memories and traditions?