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Sat, 05-25-2013 - 5:11am

Writing Challenge

This challenge is also a helpful exercise for the mind to release

 stress  or break writer’s block, through new insight into yourself.

 This exercise can also help you connect the dots to things

going on in your life, you may not recognize or understand yet


So I bring to you the challenge to write without thinking, I challenge

You to write every thought without hesitations just write it don’t worry about

punctuation or spelling grammar. Just write until your thoughts come to a close


Whatever keeps you up at night whatever has you stressed whatever plagues

Your mind where ever your mind wonders off too


I challenge you to let it flow through you and out of you onto paper I challenge

You to be totally honest with yourself and pour out your soul without hesitation

Or fear of what may come out


After you’ve finished read it over or leave it for a few days and come back to it and

Read it you may be surprised at what you find…..if what you feel or write is too personal

That’s fine the exercise is what’s important if you wish to share you may add punctuation

After you’ve written freely but don’t fret over editing, it will defeat the purpose


I will be sharing mine soon as I hope you will as well J



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Mon, 05-27-2013 - 5:29am

5/27/13 3:47am



My body feels like a strange electric energy pulses through me on this night, I feel somewhat light,somewhat sick, unable to pin this feeling, electric, repeats over and over in my mind.  A certain inspiration spins around, this too I cannot pin point, only the need to write to escape, to dive in, expose all. Throwing my self-open like a book. Breathing in the music, soaking up the cool air on my skin. For many nights I have felt Plagued by stress, but at this moment I feel lifted, a moment of treasure even as I speak the clock ticks the hours away. I know I should sleep but I have a deep connection with the night I cannot escape the Serenity of peace and quiet from the loud and obnoxious day, finally my ears can rest, my heart  Rate is calm there’s nothing to do or take care of, it’s just me in my chair and this paper, complete peace. My sweet addiction,