Damn This Stress (revised) c/p

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Damn This Stress (revised) c/p
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 7:26am

Damn this stress,

putting me to the test,

beating through my chest.

Waking me with anger, falling

asleep just to escape this world

from its rape, each and every day

threatening to take something away.

Look around its all decay , quickly

wasting away, we let it waste away.

A new soul is born  everyday, everyday

we fall further away, and deeper into this

land we've self created,and named

Mystery Babylon

Damn this stress!

taking my life away.

Damn this slave race, 

I refuse to keep the pace!

Damn these lies we chase.

I refuse to remain a soul

among a flock of devils in ties. 

I'm a screaming rebel, I'm no longer

hypnotized by your Televised programming. 

I can read between the lines, I'm

no longer a fool to you're mystery

I can taste the poison in you're food industry.

I can see the flaws in you're religions. I refuse

to remain imprisoned from a lack of knowledge.

I can see through the disguise you built before me

I refuse to be washed away in this storm of ignorance,

even if it means I must walk alone.

Damn this anger and hurt!

Despite all the rocks you can throw, 

here I am, I remain standing tall. 

I will over come your mystery Babylon,

even if it means I have to crawl. 

You may own it all, but this soul

Isn't for sale! 

by Kareese

I decided to take Jackie's advice and revise this poem I hope you enjoy i had trouble with the structure once

again if you have any suggestions feel free to share, I'm not sure why the lines are spaced like they are but i couldn't

fix it thank you once again

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Wed, 12-05-2012 - 3:28pm

Good job in portraying the resistance of the enemy, or temptation.