The Demon

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The Demon
Thu, 11-21-2013 - 2:01pm


                                                               The Demon

  Dear brain,

  Please stop thinking too much

  I need to sleep, I need to rest,  

  But I close my eyes and the demon will come  

  I've tried putting him away

  But people have to bring him up

  And then he comes into to play

  I wonder if they had been hit, or their teeth broke

  Or had a mans hands on your neck showing how he could choke

  Do you think they would leave my demon in the closet then  

  Or do they need more to show them

  Just how low and hurt I had  been

  It isnt funny when your scream and no one answers your call

  Especially when you know there are people listening down the hall

  Being hit and held down I fought but I couldnt win

  Remembering the terrible pain

  As if I were being ripped open

  Over and over again

  The demon smiled when he was finished

  And  said I would die if I ever told

  He looked like a he had conquered another victim, another win

  Now the kiss of death loomed over head

  Just keep my mouth shut and dont do anything foolish

  Forget this ever happened was all he said

  Everyday the demon watched me

  Making sure I never spoke or I knew I'd be dead

  How long will my demon taunt me this time

  Maybe he wont stop until I take my life and make it all mine

  No credit will he get for driving me mad

  Just leave my demon locked away

  Dont ever ask me to repeat the hell

  That I went throught the terrible day


 S. Daniel 11/21/2013