I Use To Be

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I Use To Be
Sun, 11-17-2013 - 10:09pm


 I use to be a pretty girl

 With long blonde hair full of curls 

 I wasn't skinny  but I was kind of hot

 To some men I had it all in the right spots

 Don't know what happen through the years

 I sit and wonder through my tears

 Was I cursed  what  did I do so wrong

 The girl I used to be is now long gone

 A stranger in the mirror is all I see

 Is this what my life was always meant to be

 Did I straws and get the shortess , I didnt win

 Can't remember when pretty stopped and ugly begins

 Sometimes I think I should lay down and die

 Then I wouldnt be around for people to look at and hurt their eyes.

                                                                                 Nov. 17, 2013