Need Help with Hooking My Reader

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Need Help with Hooking My Reader
Thu, 08-29-2013 - 1:27am

Here are a few options for the first lines of my novel.  I'm having a hard time deciding on which gives the best hook.  All feedback is helpful!

Sitting in a busy airport terminal, waiting for her boyfriend and her flight, Kath gazes around for a moment before focusing on the pages in front of her once more.  Knowing she was about to take the longest flight of her life so far, she knew she would need a good read, and one that would ground her nerves.  Her on and off again journal from the last 5 years was her choice read.  She purchased a new one before she had left, the old one filled to the brim, mostly in the past year’s time.

She was halfway through reading the 2011 portion, knowing graduation was coming and it was about to get good.  Kath couldn’t wait for the next part, knowing her journal life was about to change forever.  The airport terminal noise was only a buzz through her headphones as she try to calm herself, knowing he would be here soon to meet her.

Staring at herself in the mirror, large suitcase full next to her, Kath took a deep few breaths.  Her flight was leaving in less than three hours and she wondered if she could actually go through with this.  If she boarded that airplane, there would be no going back to her old life.  This trip would change everything, but the for better or worse part was yet to be decided.

She couldn’t believe this night had finally come, when she would be celebrating her last day of class, for the rest of her life.  It had been a long five years in college, and even though the future was daunting, it was the best feeling she could remember.  Sitting in a booth of their favorite bar, Kath proposed a toast to her three friends, for the completion of their bachelor’s degrees and for what was to come.  Michelle, Anna, Meredith, and Kath all raised their glasses, smiling as they took sips of their drinks.

As I take a last look at my apartment, the place I have called my home for the past 2 years, it is hard not to reminisce.  From the many college memories, the fun parties and the late nights, to the more recent memories, of loves lost and others found.  It’s hard to stand here and wrap my mind around all that has happened in the last couple of years, but I plan to write it all down, here.

They sat at their usual spot in the corner of the first room and all ordered drinks.  Michelle talked about the apartment she was moving to and Anna talked about the places she had sent her resume out to.  After about an hour, Meredith elbowed her arm and inclined her head to the side.  Kath followed her gaze to the door, where five gorgeous guys were walking in.  They all watched the men as they walked to the back of the room and picked an empty table.

She had been sitting in the airport terminal for half an hour, wondering if she could actually go through with boarding the plane.  As he walked towards her, a warmth began spreading through her, easing her every nerve.  This was why she was in this terminal, about to fly across the world and change her life, all for this man, who was pulling her into his arms.

"I'll get the first round," Kath said as she made her way to the bar, her dress moving with every step.

"Four lemon drops, please," she told the bartender, leaning slightly against the counter and looking around.  

Kath wondered how many time she had been to this particular bar, a place that had become their local haunt two years before.  Anna had almost gotten thrown out once for falling asleep at their table.  Michelle had been sick in the bathroom more times than they could count.  Meredith had probably played every song on the electronic juke box.  Kath's disgust with Jagermeister had saved them all one night when she refused to take a shot that knocked the rest of them to the ground.

As the shots were placed in front of her and she told them her last name for the tab, a man's arm came down onto the counter, knocking two of the drinks over.  Kath immediately jumped back from the bar, looking over at the man.  His bright blue eyes, strong jaw, slightly messy hair, and tall frame took her another step back.  He was gorgeous, and clumsy.