***The Hunger Games Group Read- Chapter 1

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***The Hunger Games Group Read- Chapter 1
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Katniss wakes up on the morning of the reaping, which will be at 2:00 that afternoon in the square. Prim has left her a gift of goat cheese from her goat, Lady, wrapped in basil leaves on the table. Katniss makes her way to the Meadow, then through the fence that is meant to keep the people of the impoverished District 12 inside. Though it's forbidden, Katniss hunts and gathers food in the woods using the skills her father, who died in a mine explosion when she was 11, taught her. Her father had been a skilled hunter and could have made good money from selling the bows and arrows he made, but the Peacekeepers, the city officials, wouldn't have allowed it, fearing that he was arming the downtrodden people of the Seam.


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1. Describe the narrator. What is her family situation?

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1. Describe the narrator. What is her family situation? She has assumed the responsibility of taking care of her mother and sister, while cloaking her grief at the loss of her father. For years, she's been the strength that keeps her remaining family alive;. It seems she does so for her mother more out of a sense of obligation; for her sister, it's fueled by her genuine love and determination to protect at any costs.

2. Describe District 12 and the Seam. Beaten down.

3. Why don’t most people have weapons like Katniss’s bow? While it is illegal and the cost of obtaining one would be beyond most of the people's means, I think the fact that so many almost seem resigned to their fate also plays a part.

4.What illegal activity does Katniss participate in doing? Why does she need to do this? Going beyond the fence, owning an illegal weapon, hunting for food and selling or trading her goods.

5. What is the Hob? District 12's version of a black market.

6. Is the reaping system fair?

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