Is Sam Clafin hot enough to play Finnick???

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Is Sam Clafin hot enough to play Finnick???
Wed, 01-09-2013 - 6:32pm

According to this article from Yahoo, some fans are complaining that Sam Clafin is not their ideal Finnick.  I have to admit that the picture on the magazine cover is not the most flattering I've ever seen- he reminds me of a deer in the head lights.  What do you guys think?

First photo: Is Sam Claflin hot enough to play Finnick?
By Meriah Doty | Movie Talk – 6 hours ago

'Catching Fire' preview(Photo from Entertainment Weekly)
If you've read the second book in Suzanne Collins' wildly successful Hunger Games trilogy, you know Finnick Odair is a living, breathing Adonis with a perfect tan, Herculean physique, and hypnotizing sea-green eyes.

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Alas we get our first glimpse of him in Entertainment Weekly's preview issue -- along with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) -- for the much anticipated sequel to "The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire" (in theaters November 21). But some fans are already voicing displeasure with the casting choice for Finnick.

(Incidentally, the issue includes more of Lawrence's brand of irreverence. She orders a Budweiser during the interview, jokes a couple times that "I'm pregnant!" and blasts the "b.s." that surrounds Hollywood. Snap!)

Sam ClaflinSam Claflin at a 'Snow White And The Huntsman' premiere in May (Photo: Getty Premium)Finnick is played by 26-year-old English actor Sam Claflin. You may recognize from "Snow White and the Huntsman." (He played Kristen Stewart's love interest.)

While it's hard to tell from pictures, apparently Claflin's eyes are green -- sort of like Finnick's are supposed to be. While not many people in real life possess sea green eyes, it may have been closer to the book to give him some contacts. Die hard fans may be left hoping his eyes illuminate seascape colors through the powers of movie magic by the time the film comes out.

From the look of the magazine cover, Claflin's hair is blonde. The book, however, says his hair is bronze. Yahoo! user and "Catching Fire" fanMacey astutely pointed out that his hair is supposed to be red, adding, "I personally don't think he is hot ENOUGH to be Finnick. He's hot, sure, just not the 'Finnick hot' impression you get from reading the book."

"While Sam Claflin is a very good looking man, he was soo not 'it' for the role of Finnick," wrotePilar who contends the character is supposed to be more like a young Brad Pitt or James Dean. She did end her thought with the fact that Claflin's acting chops may make up for his physical dissimilarity from the book's character because "look[s] aren't everything."

Claflin, left, and Lawrence in 'Catching Fire' Claflin, left, and Lawrence in 'Catching Fire' (Photo from Entertainment Weekly)Judging from his appearance on the magazine cover and the above movie still (that depicts Finnick and Katniss during training), Claflin is decidedly tanner than his otherwise normal pale coloring. But by no means is he as deeply bronzed as, say, Matthew McConaughey -- another bone fans may have to pick with the on-screen characterization of Finnick.

At 5'11" and not an ounce of body fat in sight, Claflin also seems to embody a more svelte Finnick. Dare we say, he's a tad puny. If Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum or even Zac Efron found themselves in the role, their muscles would likely be bulging more visibly than Claflin's.

One fan cried out for Garrett Hedlund, who is reported to have turned down the role before Claflin signed on. "Garret Hedlund was perfect! Well, Anyone woud [sic] have been better then him!" wroteMarianna.

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Thu, 01-10-2013 - 11:00am

I think he will do great in the role. His build is perfectly suited for the part he'll play.


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Thu, 01-10-2013 - 10:30am

He does have that "deer in headlights" look on the cover photo. LOL But, I'm inclined to reserve judgement. For the first moie, there was a lot of criticism about some of the cast, but after seeing the finished product, I thought the choices were perfect. If an actor is skilled at their craft, they should be able to make you believe they are that person... kwim?

Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing it!